Athletic Forms

Arbiter Athlete

All Charleston County School District athletic departments use Arbiter Athlete to manage athletic squads. All student-athletes are required to upload the documents below via a mobile device through Arbiter Athlete for approval by the Athletic Director. Student-athletes are not eligible for competition until all documents on Arbiter Athlete have been approved by the Athletic Director

Quick Account Setup For Arbiter Athlete or text S746 to 69274 from a mobile device.


Download and print each form below. Once the forms are completed, you will be required to upload them to Arbiter Athlete using a smart phone.

Athletic Insurance

Charleston County School District (CCSD) requires student-athletes to carry all-sports insurance in the event that a student-athlete is injured in any capacity while participating in sports. This can occur during practice, competitions or even travel to and from away games. This policy is considered a bridge policy (secondary insurance) and covers expenses you might incur after your primary health insurance takes effect. Additionally, the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) requires that each student carry catastrophic insurance in the event of life-altering injuries or death.


All North Charleston High School student-athletes will pay $50 to cover the cost of this insurance.Payments may be submitted online on Arbiter Athlete or in person to Coach Knauer only (cash or money order only please). For liability purposes, student-athletes may not participate in any games/contests until payment is received.

These are one-time annual payments for the entire school year. That is, if a fall student-athlete wishes to participate in winter and/or spring sr;orts, payment is made in the fall and does notneed to be made again for the following sports season(s).

Please do not hesitate to contact our Athletic Director, Coach Raymond Knauer (843,745.7140 ext. 66485 or Raymond_Knauer@char! in advance with any questions or concerns related to this matter.

Athletic Insurance (information)